The Power of The Mind

           This is my first blog post, and suitably so, its title is The Power of The Mind. The mind is the single most important thing in the pursuit of overall well being. So, I will be kicking off with this first piece, referencing Science Daily and their report on a  study done by the University of Granada documenting the the effects of depression on the body. I found it very interesting and hope you do as well.

The Power of The Mind

Often overlooked, in areas where pivotal, the power of the mind is key in regards to quality of life. There is a direct connection between someone’s thought patterns, and the reaction that occurs within their physical bodies. Scientific studies are beginning to support this line of thought. The Science Daily reports, from the University of Granada, ” Depression is more than a mental disorder: It effects the whole organism”

Many individuals like to separate the mind from body, as if what takes place within their thought lives renders no connection whatsoever to the remainder of physicality. This is simply, wrong. Your mind is connected, and when one does not initiate control over the thoughts from within, disturbances are inevitable. These disturbances, in most cases, lead to some form of depression or mental disorder. The body follows suit, and reacts with a variety of health conditions.

When thought patterns are muddled and no control is exhibited, how could anyone combat that feeling of hopelessness? Think of all the things one could think, how vast that landscape is. With no filter and no control, that is how one essentially, drives themselves crazy.

In the study from The University of Granada it was found that individuals with depression show a connection with cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Confirming that depression is systemic and should be viewed as such by the medical community.  The study shows in detail  the connection between depression and oxidative stress, as well as noticeable reductions in antioxidant substances. When undergoing appropriate treatment, levels were shown to adjust to normal ranges.

Within the study we see that with proper treatment the effects of depression on the body can be reversed. This is extremely hopeful and reveals that if you are in fact suffering from depression, you cannot remain stagnant, action must be taken to reverse the ill effects upon the body.

Treatment is important, but the kinds of treatment are what concern me. When dealing with things like depression, their origin is deep within the mind of an individual. Typical treatments within the main stream medical community include prescription of medications that only mask the true cause of this illness. These medications give the patient a list of side effects to go along with their already struggling mind and body.

I firmly believe, no answer can be found within a pill form medication for depression. Depression and mental illness is a far more complex entity, that needs more thought given in treatment, then a simple pill. People need to be able to speak out the issues that their minds cannot resolve. It is the act of speaking these things with someone who can help them, that relieves the burden of it.

Those that are longing for relief within their mental constructs, can find that relief when they take control of THEIR mind, and THEIR thoughts. But they can’t do it alone, those that are struggling must have the resources within their reach to combat the ever growing epidemic of depression. It all begins within the mind of an individual, this cannot keep being overlooked, it is essential for proper treatment so the healing process can begin, and take effect upon the struggling mind and body of those that are suffering.


University of Granada. “Depression is more than a mental disorder: it affects the whole organism.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 1 March 2016. <>.


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