Finding the Beauty Everyday



I know not every day is as grand as the next. Some days are slow and drag on and on, with little feeling of accomplishment. Days like this circulate feelings of listlessness, and a bit more thinking than is necessary on things like, purpose and failures. Days like this, that feel as if time has stopped and is staring right at me, are the days I have determined I must find and focus on, the beautiful.

There are times I have found, where I have to remove myself from the day, As if I am standing outside of it. Looking from a higher point. A more collective view of life, not just this particular point in time. Not just this day, or this hour.

When I extract myself from the days that wear on me, I can find amazement in my surroundings. My world then becomes more quiet and I can hear things that I couldn’t hear before, because my mind was too cluttered to notice. My heart to heavy to care.

My extracted self can hear the song of a bird, and see the beauty of the swaying trees. My extracted self can feel the breeze of the wind on my skin, and feel hopeful knowing that my life is more than a single day. My life is more than what has been, or what is. There is so much of my life that is yet to be. What I make of it, is what it will be. The possibilities are endless in that respect, and it breathes new life into my heart and soul.

When you are yearning for more within a day. When you are grasping at what feels like emptiness. Remember the beautiful. Notice the things that hold beauty. Focus on the fact that the breath in your very lungs, is a gift. Know, that life is beautiful, regardless of hardships. Hardships are only momentary. Keep pressing forward. Extract yourself from a limited view, and begin to live in a moment that is propelling you in a forward motion, to what tomorrow could be.



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