Bare Feet for Better Health

This article is about the interesting study of negative and positive ions. I found all the research fascinating, and I love the simplicity of going bare feet for better health.

What is your first thought when you hear the word antioxidant? My first thought is blueberry, but according to some emerging research, maybe it should be bare feet.  The surface of the earth is covered with negative electrons. When you stand barefoot on a condusive earth material, your body can absorb the negative energy, through the soles of your feet. This is what is known as grounding or earthing. This could possibly be one of the most easy and effective ways to obtain high levels of antioxidants, and overall better health.

What is an ion? An ion is an electrically charged particle and can be found to be positive, negative, or neutral. In our everyday lives we come into contact with a variety of these particles. And while you cannot physically see them, they daily affect our health and well being. The effects of these particles have long been felt over time, though no one exactly knew why, when they went to the beach or before an approaching thunderstorm, they would feel exhilarated. As our knowledge grew and technology advanced, scientists and doctors began to notice the effects of these particles through their studies. The effects were first noticed in the 1800’s. Studies were then performed and proved the existence and effects of positive and negative particles upon the mind and body.

So, let’s talk about positive ions. Positive ions can be found anywhere there is an air conditioner or electrical device. Air conditioners and electrical devices such as, cell phones and computers, produce particles that have a positive charge. Positive ions have been known to cause headaches, fatigue, irritability, suppression of the immune system, and difficulty breathing. An overabundance of positively charged particles can cause your whole biological clock to be out of balance. This effects the entire operational system of the body, from the brain, to all cellular communications. This evidence supports the fact that the rise of depression, mental ailments, and disturbed sleep patterns are directly connected to the electrical fields that surround us daily, overloading our bodies with the positive ions. When the body is overly saturated with positive ions, these particles turn into free radicals that cause the body to be more acidic and prone to a variety of ailments, damaging healthy cells and wreaking havoc upon your overall well being. To combat this ever growing issue, you must provide your body with a healthy balance of negative ions.

Where can you find negative ions? They naturally occur across the earth, found in bare soil and on concrete, grass,  sand, and even ceramic tile. Any location near running, flowing water is known to be saturated with negative ions. So areas like the beach and waterfalls, or rivers and streams, are great natural ways to obtain negatively charged particles. When the body absorbs these negative ions they turn into antioxidants. This helps alkalize the body, completely canceling the effects of free radicals, providing a healing environment for the cell’s within, which regulates hormones, improves sleeping patterns, combats inflammation relieving aches and pains, improves energy levels, decreases blood pressure, improves focus and concentration, alleviates depression, and on and on are the benefits associated with the absorption of negative ions.

Negative ions make clean air too. The negative particles attach themselves to the positives particles, weighing them down, which then pulls them to the ground, leaving you with fresh clear air. So things like allergens and contagions are removed. If you suffer from asthma, respiratory problems, or have sensitivities to allergens in the air, seasonal or even pet dander, negative ions can provide substantial relief.  You can simply open your window and let some fresh air in to fight positive ions.

If you want negative ions, it is as simple as removing your shoes, and perhaps taking a stroll through your back yard, but how does one go about stabilizing the air within their homes? Nearly everyone has some form of air conditioning, TV., cell phone, or computer. and this pollutes the air you breathe with dingy positive particles. Fortunately there are a number of available products that can emit negative ions into your space, creating a balance and cleaning your surrounding air.  They come in a variety of prices with different shapes and models to fit most everyone’s needs. If you do not relish the idea going barefoot, because of health issues or for whatever reason, there are options available for you too. There are things called earthing patches that you can apply directly to your body to absorb negative ions. There are grounding bracelets you can wear and even a product called, earthing sheets, that allow you to sleep all night absorbing all the positive effects of negative ions.

It seems too good to be true that something as simple as reconnecting yourself physically with the earth can provide such profound health benefits. It is much like some ancient knowledge lost over time, being newly discovered once again. So, if you find yourself struggling with depression or an illness, and want to speed recovery or enhance your mood, open your window and let the fresh air in, or take off your shoes and go bare feet. Enjoy the beauty of nature and reconnect yourself with it.





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